Monday, October 27, 2014

Land confiscation protest in #Yangon

In my recent visit to Yangon, the former Burma capital, I came across a group of farmers protesting government's confiscation of their ancestral land. I was surprised that people can now hold protest rallies in Yangon but I was not surprise that Burmese government is denying the farmers their right to till the land their forefathers tilled before them. Land confiscation is a big issue now in Burma. 

Upon seeing the protesters, Bob Marley's song "Get Up, Stand Up" immediately came to my mind. "Get up, stand up: Stand up for your rights!"

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Yangon special coffee and bread

I love drinking coffee black and partner it with some sweet pastry. I did that once in when I visited Yangon and it was a great experience. The good thing about drinking coffee in Yangon or in Thailand is store owners always give you a cup of tea to wash that bitter after taste.